Located in a calm alley of Nuha-dong, Seochon Youngrakjae is carefully designed with the respect of the name, ‘house with eternal joy’. Even though it’s a recently built Hanok, it’s taken care by the master artisan who manage the Hanoks of National Cultural Assets. Therefore, it is built for modern people to feel traditional Hanok structure without inconvenience. The furniture and fabric are impressive which are re-interpreted in modern life, out of the traditional frame. It is also a joyful experience to explore small shops, restaurants and cafes with unique Seochon mood that are hidden in the alleys. Walking up little bit, there is the Suseongdong Valley where you can enjoy the nature hidden in the city and the night view of Seochon. Why don’t you feel the joy at Seochon Youngrakjae where the tradition and present eixsit in the same space. , staying away from complicated daily life?