In a fast and complicated life, sometimes I want to find my own cave and go into it. I can’t leave too far, but ‘Adam Hanok’ in Seochon alley will become a special place for a day when you need a calm break for one day. Designed to be a shelter and contemplation for people today, Adam Hanok is the second Seochon Hanok Stay of Z_Lab, following Seochong Youngrakjae. It tried to maximize efficiency in a limited space, and it has the meaning of an alternative space for the ones who own less and look for better life style. 
Adam Hanok is divided into the first floor with a kitchen, living room, and restroom, and the second floor with the bedroom. There is an underground space made of hinoki wood. Decorated with a low ceiling and mirrors, the underground floor is a secret space where you can turn off the switch of daily life and spend time doing yoga, meditation or reading a book. Like this, Adam Hanok provides interesting space experience by vertical 3 floors. There is a small bathtub outside where you can get relaxed in city. Sunlight shines the first floor and tea set is prepared there for a cup of warm tea.

Adam Hanok is traditional Hanok structure which makes harmony with modern brands like George Nelson, Wie Ein Kino, Rare Row and Mil Muah. The space itself is attractive as well as the location. Fresh breakfast at Nuhadong Juice Bar across from the street, Delicious lunch at Gonggi Restaurant right in front, relax at Spectre Coffee and taking a walk to Suseongdong Valley to feel clean air. We recommend you to walk slowly, enjoying the background of small alleys and shops in Seochon. Let’s go to Seochon where the alleys become elevators and the area itself becomes travel.