There is a food street near the 1st exit of Kyungbok Palace station. It’s a place where businessmen relieve their stress of a tiring day after work. If you walk into the middle of Seochon, you can see the spaces showing up one by one where you can spend the evening in Seochon. Of Onebook got curious of those spaces that have Seochon’s mood. Crowded and live atmosphere is also nice but sometimes I would like to call a day in a calm space. Seochon is perfect for couples who enjoy quiet date and walk. ‘Azzurro’, next to the Tongin Market, is not actually an eye-catching space. In general, wine bar makes me think of fancy outerrior, but this place is located underground of the shopping area, so it was not possible to see the inside. Once entering the inside, I could meet Azzurro, the deep ocean in calm Seochon.