Since it was founded on October 1st 1972, Jean Gallery has introduced Korean contemporary artists to various places in Japan and organized exhibitions in Korea for artists working in Japan. As a result of this effort, it managed to become the only gallery that shows the works of a Japanese artist, Kusama Yayoi who is famous around the world. In addition, it continuously held exhibitions to encourage meetings between Korean artists and Kusama Yayoi which led to increase the Korean fans of her and broadening the relationship between the art society of Korea and Japan. It participated in Flac84, the international arts event, as the first Korean gallery and it started building the base to reach global audiences through interaction with various galleries by steadily joining Art L.A., Melbourne Art Fai, Tokyo Art Expo and NICAF. Jean Gallery opened Jean Art Center in September 1991 with the purpose to supply popular works and diversify domestic market. 

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