Gallery Simon has organized exhibitions to show the flow of contemporary arts since it was founded in 1994. The exhibitions include individual’s such as No Sanggyun, Bae Heyonggyeong, Kang Aeran, Choi Seonyoung, Kwon Sowon, Kim Joohyeon, Kim Sinil, Koo Jayoung, Lee Changwon, and Kim Jieun, and the group exhibitions are organized with certified outer curators like ‘Arrival’ by new artists performing in and out of Korea and ‘Digital Transitions’ which shows international media arts. Gallery Simon is doing new artistic trial in contemporary arts while showing the arts, belief and zeitgeist of the artists through exhibitions. In addition, it has built sustainable relationships with many key museums and galleries abroad as well as the ones in Korea of course and support talented artists, in order to develop the position of Korean contemporary arts.

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