Friends moved a house.

It’s somewhere between Mapo-gu, Yongsan-gu and Jung-gu which is not far from where I live. 

Since they might have needed some hands and also asked me to drop by, I hopped on a bus. 

Not a long after, I went straight up to the rooftop while the door was open. 

What mountain was that I’m looking at, what house, what street, what area and so on.

Sunshine and various sceneries of the color I like.

This friend who I’ve known since I was 20, decided to live in Manli-dong after going through many different types of houses. 

There were lots of difficulties as much as the time we’ve seen each other, and I had no choice but to support him from distance, looking at him overcome them.

Sometimes I feel sorry for not being dramatic.

I hope everything goes fine for them at this new house, living with one dog and one cat.


It’s almost the end of moving season, another friend recently moved to a place, 3 minutes away from here.

I decided to have dinner with him after helping the first ones.

He fixed an empty space by himself and renovate it with white wall paper.

He was filling the space with full of nature such as moss, grass and stones.

He is a friend that I can tell all my stories and complaints.


The music playing in his CD player was an album of ‘Ryuichi Sakamoto’ and Mr.&Mrs. Morelenbaum, dedicated to ‘Antonio Carlos Jobim’, <Casa>.

This album is different from other albums dedicated to Jobim by simple structure without guitar and percussion and the dramatic points like movie music that we can feel the color of Ryuichi Sakamoto. (That’s what he said)

I went through many houses today. It’s been over two months since I moved to a new house but I still got lots of stuff to organize. 

Did I have no time or was I busy? I was thinking about the reasons,

then I realized that my daily life would be organized when the surroundings are organized. 

A house is a shelter and worry at the same time.

I guess I’ll spend more time at home for a while organizing stuff.

Listening to this album and slowly settling things down. 

*Casa means house.

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