There are two fascinating people in Seochon. They describe themselves as 'lazy' or 'annoying', but they are the "Jeong & Oh" couple, who live as architects during the day and owners of "" in the evening. Their final goal is to become hallyang(live like a player).

I decided to listen to them rather than asking numerous questions. They shared the story about five years living in Seochon and not in Seochon.

Oh's Story: Travel as if I’m living here.

I used to live a year in England, and another year in Germany. One day in 2015, when "Living for a month" was popular, we went on our way to find our own daily life for a little longer than a month. When I first arrived in England, I was overwhelmed with some sort of obsession to spend some "special time" here before I go back to Korea. I had to go somewhere without having a rest, I tried to keep traveling somewhere. It was like a fighter shouting, "Traveling 8 nights and 10 days in 5 Western European countries, would you like to spend your summer vacation in vain?" Of course, the schedule was so tight and I was scolded by Jung (40 years old, Oh's partner) for not having enough time in my heart.

If you hang around Richmond Park, you'll meet them. It’s a little bit scary.

After returning to Korea, what often comes to mind is not a unique experience that cannot happen in Korea, such as meeting a red-colored group of deer in the sunset in the middle of the vast Richmond Park or enjoying Anselm Kiefer 's new work alone in a small gallery.